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" I had heard about giving your children a herbal bath when congested and it would help. I was a little nervous, but I used it on my son & WOW. It literally had snot running out of his nose and he was so much better afterwards and his sinuses cleared right on up. Will def continue to keep this in stock being I have 3 kids. Def worth it! "

" Decongestant Herbal Bath Tea "

Kodi W.

" Upon receiving this I tried it immediately. After spraying it on my stiff neck I felt the tingle and added a thin layer of coconut oil on top of it after I let it sit for a little bit. My neck felt relief/better within the hour and the next day! I’m a stay at home mom who pumps and has a lot from
Carrying baby/looking at him. . So this a wonderful
Product for me! "

" Magnesium Spray + Lavender  "

Lilly S.

" I have ordered this twice and we LOVE it. My pickiest takes it no problem and it absolutely works! When the two babies got sick we all increased how much we took. The babies never got very bad (they had RSV) and no one else in the household got got sick!!!!! Plus it shipped amazingly fast. I cannot say good things about this! "

" Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit  "


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