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Herbal Tincture ll Immune Boost Tincture ll Kids + Adults

Do you love the benefits of our organic elderberry syrup but need something you can throw into a bag and take on the go?! 🚘 🚢 🛫

Do you need something to help your little ones kick the sick?
Are you looking for something easy and kid friendly to help prevent picking of the ickies?! #NoMoreStrep#Flu #Colds #Croup 

The organic herbs we chose for this tincture were done so for their ability to boost the immune system and support the body out of illness! This tincture is also nutrient dense! 🎉🎉

Our combination of herbs used here are a powerhouse for those who need an immune boost! 💪💪

Nettles are FULL of body supporting vitamins as well a iron! 

Elderberry are been used for hundreds of years to support and boost the immune system and fight the flu! #KickTheSick 

Rosehips are full of vitamin C, A, and E! 

Peppermint gives this tincture a great taste as well as added nutrition to support a healthy body!#OrganicHerbs

This tincture is child and adult friendly. 👩👨👦👧
This is definitely something you want to have on hand and be taking before and as the kiddos go back to school! 
Be prepared! 

** Share with your tincture loving friends or anyone you think could benefit from this.   

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