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Wet Dryer Sheets ll Grab Green
Wet Dryer Sheets ll Grab Green

Wet Dryer Sheets ll Grab Green

Grab Green

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The wet dryer sheets reduce static and soften fabrics. Best of all, they’re resuable. For every 32 sheets, you get up to 64 loads of use. That’s 2 for 1, just because we like you. Unscented, hypoallergenic and made with naturally-derived ingredients, our compostable sheets are compatible with both normal and HE machines on all water temperatures.

Product Features

  • Free of dyes, masking agents, phosphates and chlorine
  • No wax or animal fat

 Ingredients: Deionized Water, Canola Oil Based Quaternary Surfactant, Oroxel GXL, Organic Diol.Biodegradable Cloth Ingredients:Spunlace 100% RayonExtracted from wood pulp


1. Grab&toss cloth into dryer 2. pile in the clothes 3. reseal pouch for freshness. Save energy, avoid wrinkles and the life of your clothing by not over drying.